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Why Us?

By becoming a partner with ELGcommunity, you will be able to sit back an be able to fully enjoy running a gameserver, with the stressful side of managing it done for you!
We can provide you, as a server owner, with lots of features that will make your operation of a server simpler.
When becoming a partner, you will need to change your exisiting server name, however, with that it brings our reputation, of being fair, professional and very good quality.
Our website, and TeamSpeak server have been fully setup, so all that is needed is for your server to be added to our listings and you are away!
Some examples of things we can offer are:

A fully custom, clean, professional and feature packed website to represent you.
A custom, and unique forum system which will give a very good impression to your players.
A management team who have been coding, maintaining and managaing gameservers for 2+ years.
A monitored and configured TeamSpeak server hosted on DDoS protected servers.
Community connections with coders, mappers and designers from around the world.
Knowledgeable and polite staff who can provide high quality support for your users when you are busy.


  1. When you use our name, you must remember that it is our name, and that everything you do will reflect back to us, so you need to treat everyone fairly and politely.

  2. You may not use our name on anything that you haven't received written permission for by the community management. Any external ideas or promotional products/ideas must be checked by ELGC Management to make sure it is up to a good standard and that they feel it would not negativly impact on your server or the community.

  3. ELGC Management, can, and will require you to make changes if it is deemed inadequate or if it breaches our terms and conditions. They may also give feedback on decisions and it is then up to the server owner to use that feedback and respond to it correctly and maturely.

  4. ELGC Management may change the status of staff members on any server if it is believed there is an issue with that member, and may also give the deciding vote on applications.

  5. You are required to change your existing server name, to one specified upon acceptance. An example of this would be, ELGCommunity NewRP.

  6. If you are accepted, you will need to follow our donation system, which consists of one rank, and an upgrade to that rank. You will also need to be willing to accept users who have donated for a global package to be their rank on your server.

  7. You are required to return a minimum 5% of your server's revenue, to the central community for support for its website and game server hosting.

  8. When using our donation system, we will make a monthly payout to the server owner with all donations recieved, with our 5% automatically deducted.

  9. All donations / earnings you may earn, may not be used for personal use and must be put directly back into the community or the server that you are running, on occasions ELGC Management will require you to produce proof of purchases for your server, these include reciepts and invoices provided to you after a payment.

  10. You do not break any of the community terms and conditions.

  11. If you break any of these terms more than 3 times, your server will be removed from the community, all donations left within the system will become our property, along with all ban and player information.

  12. Your staff will follow community guidelines, and you shall also keep up to date with support tickets and be active within the forums.

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